Remarkable strategy for Bradford School

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A School in Bradford, West Yorkshire gained great result with a recent GTJobs Targeted Google Campaign.

This was a hard to fill Biology Vacancy that was running outside of peak recruitment season.

From liaising closely with the team in the school to understand their position, we came away and created a solid strategy that would get results. We got to work at targeting the surrounding top universities, training teachers on PGCE courses, teachers searching for lesson planning materials on google and youtube. This was a bespoke strategy tailor made for the school and is an example of how unique each of our campaigns is to the needs of our customers.

We carefully worded attractive adverts and managed our strategy with a keen eye making perfectly timed tweaks online each day to attract the right teachers. As we know exactly where teachers are searching from we adjusted our location targeting as time went on. 2 weeks later and the school had a shortlist to be proud of.

16,ooo impressions

230 unique job advert page views by subject specialists

11 quality applications received

4 truely standout high calibre applicants. The school enjoyed having this shortlist to hand.

1 appointment made

Remarkable statistics that stand out. See the report below.

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