Design your own Animal! Adaptations in the Rainforest Ecosystem

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For KS3 Students discovering how plants, animals and people have adapted to their surrounding ecosystem environments.

The Big Picture:
We are learning this because without appropriate adaptations people plants and animals would not survive in these surrounding environments.

Learning Objectives
• Understand the meaning of the word ‘adaptation’ and how it is linked to the climate.
• Demonstrate a variety of adaptations that plants people and animals have in the rainforest
• To design an animal that is suited to its environment

Key Resources Included:
Frog Starter Question Photos ppt – Hop into thinking!
Designing animals ppt
Adaptations in The Rainforest Worksheet

Extension Activity – Homework Instructions sheet – Continue the creativity

Files in this Resource

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Homework-adaptation-websites-and-instructions.doc doc 29 kB Download
Lesson-Plan-Template.doc doc 39 kB Download
Adaptations-in-the-Tropical-Rainforest.doc doc 29 kB Download
Animal-Adaptations.ppt ppt 2.29 MB Download
Designing-animals.ppt ppt 2.35 MB Download

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