Ecosystems – Food Chains and Human Activity

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This introduces GCSE students to Ecosystems and explores Food Chains and Food Webs, it then progresses to allows students to explore how human activity can affect Food chains.

The last few slides are printable worksheets for students to fill in as the lesson progresses. Each task on the worksheet is clearly linked to the Lesson Outcomes and shows grade progression.

PPT with all Lesson Objectives including worksheets with tasks linked to PPt outcomes
Food Chain Components word bank included for student desks
Comprehensive minute by minute Lesson Plan included

Files in this Resource

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Lesson-Plan-Ecosystems-Food-Chains-and-Human-Activity.docx docx 63 kB Download
Cards-Food-Chain-Components.docx docx 15 kB Download
Ecosystems-Food-Chains-and-Human-Activity-PPT.pptx pptx 2.10 MB Download

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Date 30-03-2017
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