Hazards! Caused! By! Climate! Change! – Natural Hazards

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For KS3 Students exploring Climate Change. Students discover some causes and the impacts of climate change on the environment, populations, the economy and on society.

Learning Outcomes linked to progress:
By the end of this lesson Students will be able to…
1. Identify Hazards caused by Climate Change – L4/L5
2. Rank Hazards by impact caused by Climate Change – L5/L6
3. Propose and Justify a solution to the worst hazard caused by Climate Change – L6/L7/L8

Connect the Learning / The Big Picture:
We are learning this because: There are many hazards
around the world that are taking lives and destroying
property. We need to be aware of them to stop the
impacts on the world’s population.

This Lesson includes a variety of Tasks:
Card Sort Task
Video Clip
Word Mat Task
Peer Marking
Plenary – Tweet Task!

Extended Writing Tasks to Challenge G&T Students at the end of each Learning Outcome.

Each Task is clearly linked back to Learning Outcomes and KS3 levels so students can demonstrate and judge the level they feel they have reached.

*Extra Resource Included – There is a Fun Captain Planet Word Mat to place on Desks for students to make reference to throughout the lesson to get them thinking about key word opportunities to try and get in to their written answers.

Files in this Resource

File name Type Size
Key-Word-Mat-.pptx pptx 103 kB Download
Lesson-Plan-Hazards-of-Climate-change.docx docx 61 kB Download
Lesson-PPT-Hazards-of-Climate-Change.pptx pptx 3.70 MB Download
Student-Worksheet-Framework.docx docx 77 kB Download
Card-Sort-Hazards-Solutions-of-Climate-Change.docx docx 1.63 MB Download

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