Shifting Cultivation in the Rainforest! Ecosystems

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Exploring Sustainability: How the Indigenous peoples use the Shifting Cultivation / Slash & Burn farming technique in the Amazon Rainforest. Is it sustainable?

Starter: Students enter the room with photo and they write questions they may have around it.

Game: Students are then lead through a game to identify where the Kayapo Indians live
Key Term: Then it takes students to grasp an understanding of the term Sustainability – specifically in the Rainforest.

Main: 1) From this is looks at Shifting Cultivation or Slash and Burn technique in the forest as a local management strategy that local tribes people have used for centuries. Students sketch diagram in books – can be timed with prizes, or a map from memory from the diagram.

Main: 2) Students then must apply their understanding of sustainability by considering if Shifting Cultivation / Slash and Burn is sustainable or not. They answer a key GCSE question, students can use the grade progression scale see how they can structure their answers to progress through the grades.
Stretching the Gifted and talented: Students can use ideas on the last slide to help them think about additional points in their answers to offer alternative more sustainable solutions to Slash & Burn.

AFL – Students can peer assess using the grade boundary descriptions. The grade progression can be used to help them reflect on their own answers after peer marking.

Plenary: Students finish by returning to their starter photo questions that they may be able to answer now as a plenary on their exit card.

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