Where in the world is China?

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Exploring China! A KS3 introduction to the locality, peoples, landscapes and development of this fascinating Country!

Learning Objectives
1) To Identify China’s surrounding countries
2) To describe Physical and Human Features of China
3) To explain the difference between Human and Physical Geography
Learning Outcomes (Students will..)
• You will be able to name some of the countries that surround China
• You will be able to describe some of the main physical and human features of China
• You will be able to explain the difference between human and physical Geography using examples from China
Connect the Learning /Big Picture: This is an introduction to where China is to set the scene for later lessons on issues faced in China, TNC’s, Industry.

This lessons includes an engaging Bell task activity to get students thinking whilst they enter your classroom!

Information Sheets included to stretch the gifted and talented to add additional facts and research into their work.
Market place activity for students to gather as much information as possible to map out the physical and human features of china, this can be individual, paired or split up as a group work task.
Worksheet writing frame included for the students main mapping task.
Plenary AFL writing frame included in the writing frame document.
Detailed minute by minute Lesson Plan included

Files in this Resource

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Where-in-the-world-is-China-Lesson-Plan.docx docx 54 kB Download
Where-in-the-world-is-China-.pptx pptx 1.09 MB Download
China-G-T-Marketplace-Info-sheets-.doc doc 101 kB Download
China-Human-and-Physical-Geog-Marketplace-Maps.doc doc 276 kB Download

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