NQT Induction Year

NQT Induction year

Many teachers who have been in the profession for long enough would say that once you have completed your NQT Induction year and initial teacher training, then that is when your teaching really begins! In the United Kingdom Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) are by the Department for Education required to complete an NQT induction year. This year is comprised of three terms of teaching within a school (195 days to be precise!). Your NQT induction year bridges the gap between the initial teacher training period and fully being launched into the teaching career. The year follows a programme that is tailored to the individual teacher. The year is planned by the mentors that are assigned to supporting the NQTs within the school.

The NQT induction year will require from the teacher a completed array of teacher’s core standards. Teachers core standards will begin at your initial teacher training stage. You will then continue to be monitored, assessed and recorded in an induction folder or evidence file professionally managed and presented by the NQT.




Core Teaching Standards

Core Teaching standards are set compulsory benchmarks that a teacher must prove to have met throughout their teaching practice. This is done by the teacher working through and completing smaller individual tasks and assignments within the year.

The support, development, coaching and assessments given to the teacher throughout the NQT year are measured against the teaching core standards. The NQT must meet a minimum number of core teaching standards to adequately pass the year. The employer will have connections to a course provider such as a College or University that will deliver support and provide materials to the school. There are weekly support sessions designed to assist the NQT so the teacher doesn’t just feel ‘left to it’ or ‘alone in the classroom’.

Evidencing core standards are important for the teacher’s salary and future career progression. The teacher will notice that the progression through core standards develops over time into leadership standards. To move up the ranks through promotion within a school we recommend always keeping an eye on your leadership core standards. This will help you plan how you can progress within your career.

By the end of the NQT year the teacher will have been equipped with a wealth of teaching tactics and department strategy. They will be armed enough to be fully launched into delivering an engaging curriculum on a full timetable of teaching! The successful completion of the NQT year leaves the teacher feeling rewarded and proud of themselves and what they have achieved.




Who is the NQT year applicable to?

Any qualified teacher in England, that has QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) in a maintained school or non-maintained special school. This also is applicable to pupil-referral units (PRUs) and maintained nurseries. This induction year is not legally statutory in an Academy or in an Overseas British School, Free School, or FE (Further Education) College. These institutions however most still have their own equivalent fully supportive induction years for NQTs.




NQTS are the future

What a teacher achieves in their NQT year is truly remarkable, by the end of the year the NQT will feel like ‘nothing can stop me now!’ NQTs are the success of the future of teaching. Schools recognise this and are searching for fully trained up new teaching talent. Register to create your free GTJobs Candidate user Account.

Search through great lessons resources to help you save time and manage your NQT workload. Why not share your best lessons from your NQT year too?



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