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Ecosystems – Food Chains and Human Activity

This introduces GCSE students to Ecosystems and explores Food Chains and Food Webs, it then progresses to allows students to explore how human activity can affect Food chains. The last few slides are printable worksheets […]

Shifting Cultivation in the Rainforest! Ecosystems

Exploring Sustainability: How the Indigenous peoples use the Shifting Cultivation / Slash & Burn farming technique in the Amazon Rainforest. Is it sustainable? Starter: Students enter the room with photo and they write questions they […]

Where in the world is China?

Exploring China! A KS3 introduction to the locality, peoples, landscapes and development of this fascinating Country! Learning Objectives 1) To Identify China’s surrounding countries 2) To describe Physical and Human Features of China 3) To […]

Hazards! Caused! By! Climate! Change! – Natural Hazards

For KS3 Students exploring Climate Change. Students discover some causes and the impacts of climate change on the environment, populations, the economy and on society. Learning Outcomes linked to progress: By the end of this […]

Design your own Animal! Adaptations in the Rainforest Ecosystem

For KS3 Students discovering how plants, animals and people have adapted to their surrounding ecosystem environments. The Big Picture: We are learning this because without appropriate adaptations people plants and animals would not survive in […]

Globalising Tibet Debate! Should we open up Tibet to the forces of Globalisation?

Geography and also applicable to RE, Philosophy, Culture and Media Students KS4 Gifted and Talented or Top Set Students KS5 Students AS and A2 Debate Clubs Full lesson PPT included. Full Resource Sheets for thorough […]

Are the Olympic Games Sustainable? Development & Urbanisation

The Big Picture: Are the Olympics Worth It? Who benefits? What are the short term and long term impacts? Learning Objectives: 1) To design an environmentally sustainable building 2) To investigate how different focus groups […]

CONTRASTING CHINA! Changes to Urban and Rural Life

The Big Picture: We are learning this because we need to understand how peoples lives are being affected by economic development in China. Lesson Outcomes: 1) Identify who is benefitting and loosing out from economic […]

Geography in the News! Bullet Trains & Solar Planes!

Geog Interview coming up? This will help! Lesson Objectives: LO1: To identify any problems happening in a current Geographic news story – D/C LO2: To suggest realistic solutions to a current Geographic problem in the […]

The Structure of the Rainforest! Ecosystems

The Big Picture: We are learning this because we need to appreciate how fragile the Rainforest Ecosystem is and why it is important to protect it in order to maintain the Earths biodiversity. Learning Outcomes: […]

How can I reduce my Carbon Footprint? A Mystery – Climate Change

A card sort mystery around a man in a photo that was taken moments before he was killed by the giant freak wave. Students make Geographical connections to try to explain how our everyday activities […]

Geography in the News! Around the World!

Geog Interview coming up? This will help! Learning Objectives: You main objective is to work as a team in order to confidently… 1) Describe the location of a news story. 2) Examine some of the […]

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