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How does it work?

Your recruitment expert saves you time and fully manages a quality advertising campaign for you.

1. Attractive job adverts are written and strategically targeted to relevant talent across an extensive network of 800+ specialist education and recruitment websites.

2. Your adverts reach up to 16.6 million education job seekers in the UK and Internationally. This is exposure gives your roles unrivalled coverage.

3. You receive candidate applications.



+ Save HR time

+ Low cost

+ Beat the competition

+ Speed up your recruitment

+ Applications straight to your inbox

+ No additional fees

+ Recruit quality talent

What our Schools say



Head and governors thrilled at the success we’ve had since moving to your recruitment strategy. It’s changed our staff profile no end. It’s been amazing.

Business Manager, Secondary School, Yorkshire


GTJobs has been crucial in assisting with ideas in terms of hard to fill vacancies, have in-depth local and national knowledge and understand the education sector’s audience inside out. Their expertise is of incredible value.

HR Manager, Co-operative Academy, Leeds


I’m delighted that I can advertise through you.

Headteachers PA, Independent School, Lancashire


Thank you again for your help and advice this past 12 months.

Headteachers PA, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire


We have benefited from the knowledge, wisdom and guidance offered during every recruitment campaign.

Business Manager, High School, Calderdale


Some feedback for GTJobs… it is not often you can have an intelligent conversation with agencies who know their client, know the role they are recruiting for infinitely and sound like they really care. Well done GTJobs I am really impressed. Thank you.

Rachel Couch, Harrogate, UK

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Highly targeted advertising campaigns to relevant teachers for your role.

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