Featured Job Campaign

Specialised pay as you go advertising



+ Recruit high quality Teachers

+ Speeds up your recruitment process

+ Places you ahead of the competition

+ Maximum online coverage



What you get

+ Your bespoke highly specialised online advertising campaign.

+ Fully managed Gold Advert crafted by education recruitment experts.

+ Targeted by online marketing experts to quality teachers bespoke on;

desktop / tablet / mobile devicesat key timing each day / by specific geographic location.

+ Highly targeted emailing sent to subject specialists.

+ Targeted social media campaign.

+ Maximum exposure on all jobs lists, map view lists and ‘latest jobs’ lists.

+ Any Role; Teaching / Leadership / Training / Support.

+ Bespoke running times for up to 28 days.


Ave Impressions: 16K

Ave Job Page Views by Subject Specialists: 230

Ave Application Response: 11

Quality: High


Adverts also include:

+ Employer Portal

+ Branded Employer Profile and Employer All Vacancies Page

+ Application Tracking & Management

+ School logos and interactive map

+ Sharing functionality

+ Up to 6 attachments

+ Quick apply for candidates


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More than One Vacancy to Advertise?

The GTJobs Recruitment Subscription offers a cost effective way to attract and recruit talent year-round for less.

Additional Benefits


Fast easy job posting and editing – save time with your Employer Portal

Budget certainty – no additional costs for mobile advert boosters or leadership adverts

Build your brand – craft attractive employer or group profiles to be promoted as an exciting aspirational place to work

Respond to smart live statistics – key campaign data to inform your advert timing and reduce energy on re-advertisement

Streamlined recruitment process – track, shortlist and communicate amongst your team in a few simple clicks

Mobile optimised application system – giving your candidates a great first impression and experience of applying for your role

Intuitive digital editing tools – upload your relevant marketing materials, logos, application documents, amend and repost adverts quickly

Professional advice – experts advise you on best practice to guide you in building an effective strategy

“Expertly crafted landing pages, well scripted school profiles, strong calls to action and excellent online ads makes the Featured Job Campaign an intelligent recruitment solution from GTJobs”

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